Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2016

Top five reasons to visit Maldives

Culture: Known around the world for picturesque landscapes, the islands of Maldives are rich in a warm and exotic culture. The culture is a mixture of Arab, Sinhalese and other South Indian influences. There is a lot to see here in the capital city of Male' which are National Museum, Presidential palace, Sultan Park, Male' Fish Market and the Grand Friday mosque. The native language of Maldives is Dhiveni though English is also taught widely here. You will love the culture of Maldives.

Food: Food is one of the most important reasons to visit Maldives. Here you will eat the tempting variety of international cuisines extremely fresh seafood. Not just this, the local venues will offer you the more authentic Maldivian food. Apart from this, the traditional eateries will present before you the dishes made from fish which are usually spicy and laced with coconut. Also Maldivian snack food is delicious. There is super-spicy tuna curry, maas roshi (little tuna and coconut patties), kaashi bokibaa (coconut, rosewater and palm sugar balls. Umm. Mouth-watering. Food definitely features under the top five reasons to visit Maldives.

Water Sports: Water sports definitely features under the top five reasons to visit Maldives. Scuba Diving is the most popular pastime for vacationers of Maldives. The underwater luxury makes scuba diving and snorkeling quite popular which are quite safe as well. Most of the resorts will offer private classes to get trained into Scuba Diving. There are other cool sports as well like kayaking and canoeing. Sites like Fish Head and Banana Reef will capture your heart. The blue water will definitely capture your heart. Dive with whales.

Resorts: Most of the world's major hotel brands are now here. Just expect you being treate with utmost royality at the five starts resorts.Maalifushi by COMO , Club Med's , and Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives are few of the best resorts and villas present here. You will surely have an amazing time here. Have fun at these fabulous resorts.

Spas: it is so exciting to see baby sharks gambol while you are facing down getting the massage done. Yes, most Maldivian resort spas are over water. Spa Cenvaree was named Best Luxury Emerging Spa in the Indian Ocean at the recent 2014 World Luxury Spa Awards). Other fascinating spa experiences are Six Senses Spa Laamu, Spa Vabbinfaru amongst many others.